2023 Sophomore Schedule

The official schedule is located at the following here .

2023  Normal West Wildcat Sophomore Baseball Schedule

3/25Sat10:00 AMLincoln (DH)ALincoln
3/28Tue4:30 PMPekinHNCWHS
3/31Fri4:30 PMSacred Heart-Griffin HSASacred Heart-Griffin HS
4/01Sat10:00 AMLimestone (DH)HNCWHS
4/04Tue4:30 PMBloomington HSHNCWHS
4/06Thu4:30 PMDanville HSADanville HS
4/11Tue4:30 PMChampaign Centennial HSAChampaign Centennial HS
4/15Sat11:00 AMMaine South (DH)HNCWHS
4/18Tue4:30 PMNormal Community HSHNCWHS
4/20Thu4:30 PMNormal Community HSANormal Community HS
4/21Fri4:30 PMUrbana HSAUrbana HS
4/22Sat 10:00 AMChatham Glenwood (DH)AChatham Glenwood
4/25Tue4:30 PMPeoria Richwoods HSAPeoria Richwoods HS
4/27Thu4:30 PMPeoria Richwoods HSHNCWHS
4/28Fri4:30 PMEast PeoriaHNCWHS
4/29Sat10:00 AMDunlap HS (DH)HNCWHS
5/01Mon4:30 PMU-HighAU-High
5/05Fri 4:30 PMMorton (DH)AMorton
5/11Thu4:30 PMPeoria Notre Dame HSHNCWHS
5/20Sat10:00 AMChampaign Central (DH)AChampaign Central




2022 JV Results

2022 Normal West JV Baseball Results

Date Opponent W/L Score Record Comments
3/26 Lincoln canceled
Lincoln canceled
3/28 Pekin L 5-10 0-1
4/01 Sacred Heart-Griffin L 3-4 0-2
4/02 Limestone canceled
Limestone canceled
4/05 Bloomington HS W 2-1 1-2
4/06 Olympia canceled
4/07 Danville HS canceled
4/09 Champaign Central canceled
Champaign Central canceled
4/12 Mahomet-Seymour HS L 2-5 1-3
4/14 Morton HS canceled
4/16 Dunlap HS W 8-7 2-3
Dunlap HS canceled
4/19 Normal Community HS L 4-8 2-4
4/21 Normal Community HS L 4-6 2-5
4/22 Urbana HS W 20-0 3-5
4/23 Centennial HS canceled
Centennial HS canceled
4/26 Peoria Richwoods HS W 11-0 4-5
4/28 Peoria Richwoods HS W 21-1 5-5
4/29 East Peoria L 1-10 5-6
4/30 LaSalle-Peru canceled
LaSalle-Peru canceled
5/02 U-High W 5-0 6-6
5/05 Lincoln canceled
5/06 Champaign Tourney canceled
Champaign Tourney canceled
5/10 Peoria Notre Dame HS W 3-2 7-6
5/12 Peoria Notre Dame HS W 21-8 8-6
5/14 Washington HS L 1-6 8-7





Washington HS















5/21 Chatham-Glenwood HS
Chatham-Glenwood HS

2022 JV Schedule

The official schedule is located at the following site.

2021-2022 JV Schedule
Date Day Opponent H/A Time Location
3/26 Sat vs Lincoln (DH)canceled H 10:00AM NCWHS-Soph Field
3/29 Tue Pekin A 4:15PM Pekin
4/01 Fri Sacred Heart-Griffin HS A 4:30PM Sacred Heart-Griffin HS
4/02 Sat Limestone (DH) canceled A 10:00AM Limestone
4/05 Tue Bloomington HS A 4:30PM Bloomington HS
4/06 Wed Olympia canceled H 4:30PM NCWHS-Soph Field
4/07 Thu Danville HS canceled H 4:30PM NCWHS-Soph Field
4/09 Sat Champaign Central (DH) canceled H 10:00AM NCWHS-Soph Field
4/12 Tue Mahomet-Seymour HS H 5:00PM NCWHS-Soph Field
4/14 Thu Morton HS canceled A 4:30PM Morton HS
4/16 Sat Dunlap HS (DH) A 10:00AM Dunlap HS
4/19 Tue Normal Community HS A 4:30PM NCHS
4/21 Thu Normal Community HS H 4:30PM NCWHS-Soph Field
4/22 Fri Urbana HS A 4:30PM Urbana HS
4/23 Sat Centennial (DH)canceled H 10:00AM NCWHS-Soph Field
4/26 Tue Peoria Richwoods HS H 4:30PM NCWHS-Soph Field
4/28 Thu Peoria Richwoods HS A 4:30PM Peoria Richwoods HS
4/29 Fri East Peoria A 4:30PM East Peoria
4/30 Sat LaSalle-Peru (DH)canceled A 10:00AM LaSalle-Peru
5/02 Mon U-High H 4:30PM NCWHS-Soph Field
5/06 Fri Champaign Central Tourney canceled A TBA Champaign Central
5/07 Sat Champaign Central Tourney canceled A TBA Champaign Central
5/10 Tue Peoria Notre Dame HS H 4:30PM NCWHS-Soph Field
5/12 Thu Peoria Notre Dame HS A 4:30PM Peoria Notre Dame HS
5/14 Sat Washington (DH) H 11:00AM NCWHS-Soph Field
5/21 Sat Chatham Glenwood (DH) A 10:00AM Chatham Glenwood