Sophomore LaSalle/Peru 4/11/2010

On a breezy day at the sophomore field our Wildcats Swept the day from LaSalle/Peru, sending them back up the river with 2 defeats, 7 -3  in the first game and 6 – 0 in the second.

Dustin Detweiller started the first game and pitched well.  We were down 3 – 1 in the sixth when our offense scored  5 runs on several walks and a key hit by Garret Cook.  

Nick Barnhill came in to pitch the seventh to get the save.

Nick then was called upon to start the next game in which he pitched 4 run less innings to finish out a fine day of pitching.  Our offense was marked by a two run single by Lucas Horn and also a run producing single by Nick Collins who later scored a run himself.  The Wildcats won 6 – 0 to cap off the day.

It was a great day at the ball park, tonight we face Pontiac at the sophmore field.

04/05/2010 Prairie Central Sophomore

The Wildcats Defeated the Prairie Central Hawks 7 -2 last Thursday.  Southpaw Adam Klante pitched 6 scoreless innings  innings to get the win.  Ryan Speller went 2 for 3 and had 3 RBIs.  The Wildcats improved their record to 4 – 2 and take on Olympia next at  West field.

Sacred Heart Griffin 04-10-10 Sophomore

The Normal West Sophomore team faced the Sacred Heart Cyclones on April Fools Day in Springfield last Thursday.  But there was no fooling around in the Cyclones offense and defense.  Though the Cyclones  hold their hearts  in the highest of positions,  they also held their bats out to put a little “whuppin” on the  beloved Wildcat.    Ben Smith hammered out  a solo home run and Cal Clover doubled and later scampered home on a passed ball for the Wildcats.  But we fell a wisp short.  Mac Byrd and Ryan Speller pitched well, but in the end we were swept up by only a cool zephyr-like breeze by the Cyclones, losing 3-2.