Wildcats in College

Wildcats in College

  • As of the 2020 season, 94 Wildcats have moved on to play baseball at the collegiate level.
  • 24 Wildcat players have gone on to compete at the Division I level.
  • 9 Wildcats have gone on to play in Major League organizations.
  • 6 Wildcats have been drafted; 3 have signed free agent contracts with MLB teams.
  • Wildcat players have played for colleges/universities in 14 different U.S. states.
  • (**) Denotes all Wildcats still playing or has completed his 4 year career/drafted.

Class of 2020

**Alec McGinnis – INF  Augustana College

**Alex Smith – P  Carl Sandburg College

**Connor Stephenson – C  Case Western Reserve University

**Evan Hutson – 1B  Illinois Wesleyan University

**Evan Wallgren  – INF, P  Heartland Community College

**Garrett Swingler – P  Illinois Wesleyan University 

**Sean Shook – INF, P  Heartland Community College

**Will Kafer – OF, P  Illinois Wesleyan University

Class of 2019

**Austin Collinson – SS, P  Carl Sandburg College

**Brady Alexander – OF  Sauk Valley Community College

**Brandon Roth – OF, P  Black Hawk Community College

**C.J. Lewis – P, OF, INF  Chicago State University, Parkland Community College

Class of 2018

**McCade Brown – P  Indiana University

Jeremy Fischer – INF  Elmhurst College

**Jake Marti – OF  Heartland Community College, University of Michigan

Ben Smith – C  Kankakee Community College

Class of 2017

**Caleb Jacobs – OF  Western Illinois University/Howard CC, TX

**Nick Watson – P  Illinois Wesleyan University

**Nick Piller – INF  Knox College

Alex Hoss – OF  Kankakee Community College

**Peyton Dillingham – OF  Heartland Community College, Morehead State

Jeffrey Crutcher – INF  Heartland Community College

Class of 2016

Mitch Fairfield – C  Southern Illinois University

Nate Beal – INF  Lindenwood University

Class of 2015

**Reid Birlingmair – RHP  University of Illinois-Chicago

Nick Bronson – RHP  Illinois Central College

Cody Rogers – OF  Illinois Wesleyan University

Class of 2014

**Ryan Frye – OF  Evangel University, MO

Adam Hoerner – 1B  Eureka College, IL

Reed Rogers – 1B  Heartland Community College

Class of 2013

**Alex Jefferson – OF  Missouri State University, MO

**Adam McGinnis – C  Western Illinois University

Tyler Ort – INF  North Park University

**Jacob Evans – OF  University of Dubuque University, IA

**Matthew James – INF/P  University of Illinois

Nick Hieb – P  Illinois State University

Class of 2012

**Wes Sery – INF  Northern Illinois University

**Nick  Barnhill – P  Concordia University

Class of 2011

Kyle Vaughn – INF  Kankakee Community College

Trey Rogers – INF Illinois Wesleyan University

**Adam Seifert – OF/P  Illinois Wesleyan University

Erik Sipes – INF  Central College, IA

Class of 2010

Jacob Birlingmair – C  Quincy University

Michael Collins – INF  Heartland Community College

**Brock Stewart – INF  Illinois State University

Class of 2009

**Blake Brown – OF  University of Missouri, MO

**Colton Moore – INF/OF  Murray State University, KY/Lindenwood University, MO

Cody Kinser – C  Illinois Central College

Kevin Camp – 2B  Illinois Central College

**Ryan Martinez – P  Illinois Central College/Illinois Valley CC/Webster University, MO

**Nathan Loy – INF  MacMurray College

Class of 2008

Luke Wing – P  Illinois Wesleyan University

Erich Bushong – OF  Illinois Wesleyan University

**Harold Riggins – INF  North Carolina State University, NC

Tyler Ropp – P  Spoon River Community College

Dreu Martinez – INF  Illinois Central College

Scott Willey – C  Southeastern Community College, IA

Class of 2007

**Cory Phillips – INF  Heartland Community College/Grand Valley State University, MI

**Matt Widick – P  Kankakee Community College/University of Indianapolis, IN

Kyle Camp – INF  Illinois Central College

Class of 2006

**Luke Stewart – INF  University of Georgia/University of Alabama-Birmingham

Tyler Leipold – OF  Heartland Community College

**Zach Zwaga – C  University of Illinois-Chicago/Heartland CC/Edgewood College, WI

**Seth Astroth – INF  Lincoln Land CC/Heartland CC/Edgewood College, WI

**Zach Williams – OF  Olivet Nazarene University/Judson University

Class of 2005

**Cory McCullick – OF  Edgewood College, WI

**Alex Berta – INF  Edgewood College, WI

**Drew Stephens – P  Lincoln Land CC/Mount Mercy College, IA

Eric Birky – P  Lincoln Land Community College

Class of 2004

**Jordan Comadena – C  Purdue University, IN

Justin Gilles – OF  Cornell College, IA

Class of 2003

Spike Nelson – INF  Kankakee Community College

Class of 2002

**Joe Caslow – P  Olney CC/Travecca Nazarene University, TN

Class of 2001

**Nick Berta – INF  Illinois Benedictine University

**Scott Martin – OF  Illinois Benedictine University

**Mason Abner – P  Monmouth College

**Jake Stewart – P  Illinois State University/University of Illinois

**Chris Shepherd – INF  Illinois State University/Lee University, TN

Class of 2000

**Nate Whitney – OF  Kankakee Community College/Illinois State University

**Chris Nelson – INF  Augustana College

Jordan Brutlag – INF  Kankakee Community College

Brett Moore – C  Tennessee Bible College

Class of 1999

**Kevin O’Dell – OF  Illinois State University

**Kevin Ewen – P  Mesa Community College, AZ/Illinois State University

**Casey Van Hook – P  Millikin University

**Nic Nelson – P  Millikin University

**Brian Walters – INF  Truman State University, MO

**Nick Heineman – INF  Truman State University, MO

**Chris Kaufman – C  Illinois Wesleyan University

Class of 1998

**Andrew Jefferson – P  Southwest Missouri State (Now Missouri State University)

**Justin Hamm  – C  MacMurray College

Ryan Brittnell – INF  Lincoln Land Community College

Class of 1997

**Joey Miles – INF  Millikin University

 Class of 1996

**Brian Mounce – INF  Lincoln Land CC/William Woods College, MO