2023 Varsity Schedule

The official schedule is located at the following site.

2023 Normal West Baseball Varsity Schedule
Date Day Opponent H/A Time Location
3/15 Wed Pontiac    H    4:30pm NCWHS
3/17 Fri Mascoutah HS    A   4:00pm Blazier Field-O’Fallon
3/18 Sat Marist HS-Troy HS    A  10:00am Troy HS
3/20 Mon Pekin HS    A   4:15pm Pekin HS
3/23 Thu Limestone HS   A   4:30pm Limestone HS
3/27 Mon Tournament-Gulf Shores   A     TBA Gulf Shores, AL
3/28 Tues Tournament-Gulf Shores   A      TBA Gulf Shores, AL
3/29 Wed Tournament-Gulf Shores   A       TBA Gulf Shores, AL
3/30 Thu Tournament JV=Gulf Shores   A       TBA Gulf Shores, AL
4/04 Tue Bloomington HS   A  4:30pm Bloomington HS
4/05 Wed Olympia-JV   A  4:30pm Olympia
4/06 Thu Danville HS   H  4:30pm NCWHS
4/08 Sat Champaign Central V/JV   A  10:00am Champaign Central HS
4/11 Tue Champaign Centennial HS    H 4:30pm NCWHS
4/15 Sat Maine South V/JV  H  10:00am NCWHS
4/18 Tue Normal Community HS  A   4:30pm NCHS
4/20 Thu Normal Community HS  H 4:30pm NCWHS
4/22 Sat Sacred Heart-Griffin HS    H 10:00am NCWHS
Chatham Glenwood HS   H 1:30pm NCWHS
4/25 Tue Peoria Richwoods HS   H 4:30pm NCWHS
4/27 Thu Peoria Richwoods HS   A 4:30pm Peoria Richwoods HS
4/29 Sat Dunlap HS V/JV   A 10:00am Dunlap HS
5/02 Tue Peoria Central (DH)   H 4:30pm NCWHS
5/03 Wed Olympia HS (JV)   A 4:30pm Olympia HS
5/05 Fri U-High   H 4:30pm NCWHS
5/06 Sat Mchenry    H 11:00am NCWHS
Lincoln Way Central    H 1:30pm NCWHS
5/09 Tue Peoria Notre Dame HS   H 4:30pm NCWHS
5/11 Thu Peoria Notre Dame HS   A  4:30pm Peoria Notre Dame HS
5/13 Sat Kaneland (V/JV)   H 10:00am NCWHS
5/16 Tue Mahomet/Seymour HS   H 4:30pm NCWHS
5/19 Fri Lincoln (V/JV)   A 4:30pm Lincoln (V/JV)
5/20 Sat Burlington Central (V/JV) (2)   H 11:00am NCWHS
5/22 Mon Washington HS   H 4:30pm NCWHS
5/24 Wed REGIONALS Regionals Start
5/31 Wed SECTIONALS Sectionals Start
6/05 Wed SUPER SECTIONALS Sectionals Start
6/09 Fri STATE
6/10 Sat STATE

2023 Freshman Results

2023 Normal West Wildcat Freshman Baseball Results

3/22Central Catholic HS
3/30Pekin HS
4/03Lincoln HS
4/05Peoria Notre Dame HS
4/10Heyworth HS
4/11Normal Community HS
4/12Mahomet-Seymour HS
4/15Bradley Bourbonnais HS
Bradley Bourbonnais HS
4/17Champaign Central HS
4/19Mahomet-Seymour HS
4/22East Peoria
East Peoria
4/26Chatham Glenwood HS
4/28Bloomington HS
4/29Dunlap HS
Dunlap HS
5/01Tri-Valley HS
5/03Urbana HS
5/10Bloomington HS
5/13Peoria Manual
Peoria Manual
5/16Olympia HS
5/17Normal Community HS


2023 Freshman Schedule

The official schedule is located at the following site.

2023 Normal West Wildcat Freshman Baseball Schedule

3/22Wed4:30 pmCentral Catholic HSHParkside Baseball Field
3/25Sat11:00 amMetamora (DH)HParkside Baseball Field
3/30Thu4:30 pmPekin HSHParkside Baseball Field
4/01Sat10:00 amLimestone (DH)HParkside Baseball Field
4/03Mon4:30 pmLincoln HSHParkside Baseball Field
4/05Wed4:30 pmPeoria Notre Dame HSAPeoria Notre Dame HS
4/08Sat10:00 amCentennial (DH)HParkside Baseball Field
4/10Mon4:30 pmHeyworth HSHParkside Baseball Field
4/11Tue4:30 pmNormal Community HSANormal Community HS
4/12Wed4:30 pmMahomet-Seymour HSAMahomet-Seymour HS
4/15Sat11:00 amBradley Bourbonnais HS (DH)ABradley Bourbonnais HS
4/17Mon4:30 pmChampaign Central HSAChampaign Central HS
4/19Wed4:30 pmMahomet-Seymour HSHParkside Baseball Field
4/22Sat11:00 amEast Peoria (DH)AEast Peoria
4/24Mon4:30 pmU-HighHParkside Baseball Field
4/26Wed4:30 pmChatham Glenwood HSAChatham Glenwood HS
4/28Fri4:30 pmBloomington HSABloomington HS
4/29Sat10:00 amDunlap HS (DH)HParkside Baseball Field
5/01Mon4:30 pmTri-Valley HSHParkside Baseball Field
5/03Wed4:30 pmUrbana HSHParkside Baseball Field
5/06Sat10:00 amMorton (DH)HParkside Baseball Field
5/10Wed4:30 pmBloomington HSHParkside Baseball Field
5/13Sat10:00 amPeoria Manual (DH)APeoria Manual
5/16Tue4:30 pmOlympia HSHParkside Baseball Field
5/17Wed4:30 pmNormal Community HS HParkside Baseball Field