Club Mission & Expectations

Mission Statement
The Normal West Wildcat Baseball Diamond Club is a non-profit organization that provides support to all levels of the Normal West baseball program (Freshman, Sophomore/Junior Varsity, and Varsity teams).  Our mission is to support the overall program in order to promote baseball as a key aspect of Normal West High School where we can allow students to participate in a primary school sport.  We promote fairness and equality while providing assistance as needed within the program.  We distribute funds based on needs of the teams and individual players.  We recognize that sports within public schools are frequently underfunded and need financial support in order to compete at the levels desired.

Member Expectations
A volunteer organization is most efficient when its members are active and engaged.  The Wildcat Diamond Club is no different.  With a desire to develop consistent membership with representation across all grade levels, the following expectations are in place for WDC members:

    1. Members will attend at least half of the Wildcat Diamond Club meetings (there are approximately 12 meetings per year)
    2. Members will be active in Wildcat Diamond Club projects
    3. Members will participate in fundraising activities
    4. Members will work as liaisons with their respective grade levels to provide feedback to the Wildcat Diamond Club

Diamond Club Volunteer
If being a formal member of the Wildcat Diamond Club Board is not feasible for an individual, there are plenty of other opportunities to participate in helping with the Wildcat Diamond Club mission.  Opportunities include in one
or all of the following:

      • Assist at field days
      • Assist with fundraising opportunities
      • Assist with updating and maintaining the Normal West Baseball program website and Facebook page
      • Solicit donations for the Dinner Auction
      • Assist at the Dinner Auction